Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ATTUNEMENT - Experiences of Participant shre by

Dear sir,

Hope this mail finds u in a great energies. Here in this mail i would like to share myexperience during the Learning process of !st degree of KUNDALINI REKIE.
Just About after thanking My supreme god, all the holy angles,my spiritual teacher, spiritual guide, higher self, my parents and my Rekie Master, I started receiving the higher energy fro the solar system. 1st it touched my crown chakra with a tingling sensation over and above my head portion. Slowly the sensation moved down with a heating flow to my Agnya Chakra and 3rd eye chakra. When the energy touched my 3rd eye chakra (the center of two eye brows) it gave me a flash of bright white light. Continuing with the energy flow it went down through the entire body to my arms, palms, naval zone, and then through my legs to the lower side of the feet. Simultaneously the essence of positive aroma are tingling sensation was also floating around me in the air. One can really sense the aroma smell of the holy rekie energy. 

1- when the holy energy passed through my crown chakra, I could visualise an circular LOTUS with a hundred numbers of petals. it had a slight light pink colour on its centre and rest of the petals are illumination bright white.    

2- When it touched my Heart Chakra, I could see a circular object slowly circulating around with its own axis. inside the circle i felt many numbers of  triangles places upside and down. It had many rainbow colours like purple and fuchsia. Meanwhile could sense a little of vibration with a process of expansion and collapse. 

3- When it reached to my palms, I felt some warm bubbles sprouting out from my palms and it actually opened up my semi closed palm with an Chinmay mudra. 

4- When the energy reached below the feet, my solar chakra felt the slight tingling effect and bubbles of the energy flow. 

But these were not the only wonders happened. I had probably gone on a universe tour. I got chance to view and sense many of the beautiful signs and symbols. And also saw many natural beautiful places. Probably I was enjoying the Deepest Alpha Level. 

I could see

1- An silver star with stick attached to it, that banged my forehead.
2- An play of bright white smoky circular waves and fountains coming out of it. 
3- Riding very fast inside an particular tunnel. A tunnel that's probably looking like an hypnotism circle. And there made a very short a blur journey of my past 3 lives. (not very sure about it) 
4- Beautiful lotus were sprouting on some silver colour liquid. I wonder as if it was the liquid of mercury. Some mercury lotus were coming up out of that fluid and were making a path ways. That led me to show one powerful holy man sitting on a silver crown. That holy soul had a long beard till its chest and wearing some heavenly bright white clothes and drapes. 
5- I enjoyed being flying above the earth, and seeing the land from the very much top of the world. In that journey i had gone to Higher Himalayan mountains and there felt the snow carpet. There I felt an hit of many many bright illuminating white light. There I was sensing the cold bridge. 
6- probably in the end of the meditation, My supreme godes blessed me by swapping her hand over my head. 

All these were a truly heavenly experience i have every had in my entire life time. It on in  million billion of price to be felt. A very great hailing thanks to All my supreme god, spiritual teachers and guide, my parents and mostly to the Rekie Master who became the beautiful source of making me feel all these. Thank you for million times, MASTER Vijay Kuamr Vali sir. 



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