Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ATTUNEMENT - Master Degree Experience by Participaint conducted by Reiki master Vijay kumar bali

Dear Sir,

Hope things are well n good at ur end. Sir, this mail contains the experience of attunement of MASTER DEGREE.

1. On the auspicious day of learning MASTER DEGREE, i was very happy with the feeling that shall get the highest degree. But still many worries, tensions were lingering unconsciously. After having a light vegetarian lunch was waiting for the time to get light body and to sit for the master chapter. Well then by 4 O' clock I sat, as discussed with my master. Then the journey begins as below...

It was totally dramatic and never expected. Sounds like a fairy tale journey and awesome feelings and pictures, that propels the soul to a high on high endless and vast ground. I sat, and called all the supreme divine ones for a heart felt thanks. Then was waiting for the energy flow, but still my brain was trailing with junk thoughts !!! Even I got to know after wards that, my Master Mr. Vijay Sir, found it quite a hard digging while sending the energy cause of those thoughts. But after 5-6 minutes, a massive inflow of high speed energy was felt on the very center top of my HEAD. This time it was too high, dense and larger with its area. My whole top head was loaded with the heaviness of the same. Then I started getting deeper n deeper into the sleeping mode, but was sensing the out side world too. :)

My head dropped for almost 5-6 times with the feeling of different types of energy feelings and sensations. Every time My head was dropping, I was feeling a different type of energy coming inside, in a very different manner to a different part of my body. And As the energy finishes its job, my head gets upward, and then again smoothly it was dropping down for the next type of energy.

well, during this journey, I was blessed and touched with the many higher spiritual and very highly supreme powers.

a. I felt being covered with the very bright golden light coming out of sun. The sun was taking an shape of Diamond and could literally visualize and neon lighted crystal shaped thing tangent to the SUN. That crystal was shading rigorous rays on my crown chakra.

b. Next, i felt as if I am flying high on the sky, even above the clouds and taking a round of the world at a speed of if was flying tearing the wind apart and viewing the ground. after taking the whole round of the entire earth, felt like going high on to the space. Felt like being showered with the lights of MILKY WAY. I cloud see many solar system and sense the essence of UNIVERSE. As if, I can touch them by stretching my hand. There I felt being blessed with Lord Buddha, My Guruji(who has taken the samadhi), Lord Jesus, A sahasra bhuja devi with the image of all navadurga. Then I could also see the same image of a person with long white beard sitting on a throne(singhasan)- this particular person was also seen on the 1st degree attunement. Then, I got blessed with the Bal Rupi Krishna. Krishna probably at the age of 10-12 years old boy!!! As he disappears, felt as if all the universe was dancing around me with bright energies.

c. Then Suddenly I saw lots of toys playing around. many teddy bears and all puppets. Then saw a very handsome boy of approx 18-20 years, wearing a blue shirt, with straight hair and smart. Then saw myself Sitting on chair beside a girl with a nice frock !!! god only knows who were they??? !! :)

d. And then felt a inner enlightenment and inner explosion of lights. There after the meditation/ attunement got completed. All these things happened in a span of 30-45 minutes... And was really feeling great but really still m wondering what was all that I saw?? :)

Thanks you sir, giving me master degree. Take care Sir...

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