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TREATMENT - Dieases which treated by Reiki master vijay kumar bali in one year share by

10/27/2010 11:36:49  madhu chibber  late smt. swaran kanta datta 202 carnation tower, omaxe green valley, sec- 41/42, faridabd, haryana 

Recently operated because of multiple fibroids in the uterus, and uterus has been removed in the operation and advised complete bed rest fr upto 6-7 months, had been suffering since some time and there was no other alternative option and operation was important 


11/6/2010 11:24:36  mahender chaudhary   gora devi 1061/b24a ward no.7 mehrauli new delhi 110030 

i have headack from two days 


11/16/2010 16:34:46  sharma hari  supriya   italy 

my son is suffering from skin problem like atpic dematites and ear problem 


12/8/2010 0:41:29  Ramit Malhotra  Mrs. Sheela Malhotra 14/38, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi - 110 027 

He is not proper studying. 


12/21/2010 23:24:54 Ramit Malhotra Mrs. Sheela Malhotra 14/38, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi - 110027 

To increase concenstration power, achieve his goal , to improve studies 


1/28/2011 6:32:16 santosh Kumar  Gulpati devi  Saraswati vihar Veer Savarkar Colony Gurgaon 

Iam suffering from servical spondilitis from last 2 years
ihad consulted lot of Docters but no remedy works properly 


2/2/2011 8:57:27  Maria Ramirez  Växjö, Sweden 

Her liver & kidneys are malfunctioning 


2/2/2011 8:58:39 Marcus Medina Lund, Sweden 

I have some problems with my teeth.. and lots of toothache 


2/8/2011 7:01:23 santosh kumar  Gulpati Devi sarasvati vihar (Veer savarkar colony)gurgaon 

I forwarded earlier but no response received yet.
My problem is cervical spondylisis from last 2 years
I had consulted the Docter many times but no improvement as such.
I hereby requesting you kindly do the needful if possible please

Thanks & Regards
santosh Kumar 


2/27/2011 8:38:18 Deepanshu Smt.Rekha  Pataudi 

My baby not feeling well, crying continuously and his berthing is very fast. Deen Dayal 


3/2/2011 4:46:47 raj kumar sharma smt. raj rani  italy ,pompiano 

i m suffering frm left shoulder pain since last month 


3/15/2011 13:49:48  Vernon Gill Beldora Gill 33 John Street Campbellville, Guyana. South America 

My Dad was diagnost with prostate cancer. I would like his PSA levels to drop way down , and for him to completely get healthy again. He's also starting to suffer from some hearing loss. Please help my dad 


3/15/2011 13:57:53  Deryck Nichols Chung  Shirley Chung- Skeete Queens New York 

Deryck Nichols Chung is surrounded by negativity, that is causing him to make bad decisions, be nasty to the ones he loves and that love him. He's in need of help. Please help him. 
The nagativity has cloud his judgement, he cant think clearly and also can seem to find a job. 


3/18/2011 3:44:02 Kumar Anuranjan Manina Sinha MPS Ltd., NSIC Bhawan, STP Ext., Okhla Ind Est. New Delhi--20 

Joint pain suffering from last year, Please help!! 


3/24/2011 11:27:06  Alison Wendy  B7 Lajpat Nagar, Delhi 

Stress and depression, for at least 6 months.
Many causes: work pressure, abortion, relationship break up
All of these things are taking their toil... 


4/3/2011 11:29:37 Danesh Khambatta Amy B-7,avari colony ,Mahmoodabad, Karachi 

Congestion and symptoms of a cold at times. Almost two months 

4/6/2011 16:09:46 amna duma  189 castle dr 

I am so deppresed,,,for long time ,,having problem every day with mental health ,,,on medication,,,plz help me


4/12/2011 14:39:52 jose nunez  ana depaola  465 crescent st. brooklyn n.y. united states 

I am dealing with alot of negative dark energies for a very long time.i feel like im being affected on many different levels,mentally,physically,spiritual,emotionall and with relatonships and finances.IT feels like i have a dark cloud around me and it affects me very deeply.your help would be greatly appreciated.I feel that i was born into some of this but it just kept getting worse.thank you. 


4/15/2011 9:24:24 rakesh chenicheri ushakumari c p  f 101 chandresh kedar,lodha heavan nilje dombivali east mumbai 

respected sir
iam 34 male single. i suffering uinery infection always, and monetery prob toomuch, using tobaco toomuch, i am a reiki master, but i cant practice,always,,coming toomuch hindrence, cant stop using tobaco, and iam 34 but cant marrige coz lack of money n gud gob always heaslth problams. i need to relive and i need to use my reiki also. monetery problams toomuch
my birthdate,sept 9 1976 

5/1/2011 6:17:06 BARANI  REVATHY No 7/78-A , Down kollupet street, hosur- 635109, tamilnadu,india 

she is in reiki channel finished first two levels in reiki.
she is pregnant now. she is very weak in health. so this time she suffering a lot due to her low weight.
more than this she is having regular mensus bleeding even in pregnancy time also. we checked with dr. they told that there is blood lot in her stomach near the baby . once the blood lot will get disturbed then bleeding will start. due to these reasons she fully in bed rest now for more than 3 months but still she having the bleeding problem. can u pls heal for her


5/27/2011 12:26:34   dwarka,new delhi 

Dear sir,

I have very strong faith in REIKI. The patient is my husband. my name is Aparnashree. its going to be an year, that we are married. But we have gone through lots of un-intensional fights. And now we are separated. But i still do love him and care for him a lot. 

The problem is, many people said, and i also believe that, some type of Jadoo-tona is applied on him and me. Cause of which we r separated now. please sir, help me saving my home...

i keep praying to god to get every thing fine as soon as possible...and just begging at every door, where ever i see hopes....



6/28/2011 2:14:10 Preeti Poojara  Leela Sejpal  Ahmedabad Gujarat India 

I had spine surgery for the disks L4 L5 two years back. As a result I have lost some nerve sensations and muscle damage. 


7/3/2011 15:37:48 kara ann  Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada 

I am very ill, my situation is overwhelming, 
severe dizziness, sharp left sided headaces, I cannot eat and I feel disorietated with nightmares when I try to sleep, I also have head tremers, weekness and pain in my left arm and left side of heart, with very swollen left foot.
Please if you could send me healing I would be extremely 
grateful*** Thank you


7/6/2011 2:05:29 Abi Masefield Andrea Duncan  Chattapur, New Delhi 

One problem seems to be at the root of all challenges I face. The need to love myself and let go of the search for my happiness in a relationship. 


7/18/2011 23:09:54 Family Raj Kaur  Hyderabad 

We Request & Pray for Love, Blessings, Guidance & Protection of God, Holy Siddhas, Spritual Guides, KulDevtas, Esht Devtas, GuruMandala, Bhagwan Maha Mritunjaye Mata Lalitha Tripura Sundari, Maa Bhagvati Sanjeevani, Shambhavi, Mrit Sanjeevani & Srividhay Kripa Shakti & Kripa Jyothi, Bade Baba HH Nityanand Ji and HH Avdhut Baba Shivanand Ji Our Das Guru Sahiban and Das Guru Sahiban Atmak Joth Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, all the Divine Beings and All the Shivyog & other Healing Group Sadhaks for Sending us Highest Form Divine Energys Continuously for Healing Inderjeet, Satwant Our Constructed House, Satinder Kaur & Ragbir Singh and our Ancestors 

Inderjeet Singh
My Self Inderjeet Singh is healed at all levels & blessed with Money & Time Freedom Stability, Easy, Satisfactory & Optimum Paid Ideal Profession NOW & Progressing Day by day in all walks of life. So that I can Serve my Family & Humanity
Satwant Kaur
ü All chakras specially Sahastrar, Agya & Visuddhi of Satwant have been healed completely. Her 72 lakhs nadis Her Left, Right & Complete Brain Healed. Maa Sanjeevani, Shambhavi & Mritsanjevani Shakti is flowing through every cell of her brain and her whole body. Maa Sanjeevani, Shambhavi & Mritsanjevani Shakti is regenerating the cells of Her Brain.100% of her good DNA has been healed & activated.. Pranshakti is flowing through her Higher Self, Complete Brain, Subconscious mind, Pranmaya, Manomaya, Gyanmaya & Anandmaya Kosh and is completely healed .Her Self healing power has been doubled. And her brain & Complete Bodies are vibrating at a frequency of God frequency. Her Vayu, Akash, Jal, Prathvi Tatva has been healed completely. She is able to communicate and socialise with others. All sanchit karmas of Satwant and her parents have been healed completely and they are offering their gratitude.

ü My Sister Satwant Kaur is grateful for being Blessed & completely healed at Mind, Body & Soul Intra Cellular Level & all other divine levels NOW by Satgurus Grace

ü My Sister Satwant Kaur is also Grateful & Blessed for living 100% Comfortable, Enjoyable, Successful, Healthy, Happy & Holy Married life at all levels NOW with Satgurus Grace.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------House Construction
We are Grateful the we have Completed Construction of Lal Bungla and we are earning Optimum Income from the said Property Rights & Blessed for living 100% Comfortable, Enjoyable, Successful, Healthy, Happy & Holy Married life with Family at all levels NOW with Satgurus Grace.
Satinder Kaur & Ragbir Singh
My Sister Satinder Kaur & Ragbir Sing healed at all levels & Blessed with their own Born Healthy Happy & Holly Child
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Departed Souls
We are Grateful that My Father Satnam Sing Narang soul is in Peace, Love, Blessings, Guidance & Protection of Satguru with Satgurus Grace

We are Grateful that My Brother Harvinder Sing Narang soul is Peace, Love, Blessings, Guidance & Protection of Satguru with Satgurus Grace
We are Grateful that All our Ancestor Souls both from Mother & Father Side are in Peace, Love, Blessings Guidance & Protection of Satguru with Satgurus Grace
We are Grateful & Thank in Complete Love, Faith & Devotion to God, Holy Siddhas, Spritual Guides, KulDevtas, Esht Devtas, GuruMandala, Bhagwan Maha Mritunjaye Mata Lalitha Tripura Sundari, Maa Bhagvati Sanjeevani, Shambhavi, Mrit Sanjeevani & Srividhay Kripa Shakti & Kripa Jyothi, Bade Baba HH Nityanand Ji and HH Avdhut Baba Shivanand Ji Our as Guru Sahiban and Das Guru Sahiban Atmak Joth Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, all the Divine Beings and All the Shivyog & other Healing Group Sadhaks for Sending us Highest Form Divine Energys for Healing continuously Inderjeet, Satwant, Our Constructed House, , Satinder Kaur & Ragbir Singh and our Ancestors 


7/24/2011 13:32:40 Dr.S.K.Pattnaik  Anasuya Bhubaneswar,Orissa 

Dear Baliji,
Today I am requesting you to heal me as I am suffering with cervical spondylosis and feeling also weak as well as suffering with piles which are due to long seating and writting in computer I think. Although I myself healing me now I am feeling as if I am loosing everything.since last 6 months I become useless doing nothing due to this illness.want to know about Kundalini Reiki and as in this condition I am unable to move is it possible in your part to give me attunement from distance if yes..plz infor me .
(skumar pattnaik in fb) 


8/2/2011 5:40:28  Ritu Bali Kulvinder Kaur Chibber 391, Model Colony Yamuna Nagar Haryana 

Artritis in right knee 


8/12/2011 10:30:52 Nagarjuna singh Chandrakanta  delhi 

hi vijay,
this is anju sharma , ur face book friend...
as i am sending this healing request to u so have given my email id..the patinet wont contact he is in much depression.

The patient had love affair in 2009 and the girl left him and married some other boy.this patient was in depression...and one of my net friend told him to contact me...and i did his healing and she came out of depression very fast..

to my surprise i found he can see clearly distance things...evn culd feel the emotions and pains of others and evn inside body also he can see.
and he is devote of godess ..amba....he take energy from her...and could see amba .

now its again he fell in love with a girl. last year....the girl again from the previous girl was also from lakhnaow...patient is in Delhi.

and this time...girls parents refused to marry their daughter to he has less money....

this patient is FAKKAR type of person..who is now 38 years old..........and always help and given money to his needy friends....though he is not earning much still he used to help others......
since patient was much attached to the girl, cloud not bear her separation...........gone almost mad....fractured his hand by hitting on wall in anger...and later his foot also....

he is in much tension and no zest for life u know ahsik aisa he karte hai. HE IS IN DEPRESSION SINCE THIS FEBRUARY...contunues pain in head,...irritaion..NO SLEEP FOR DAYS.he is not eating properly.

i tried to help him to be normal....but this time no results.
hope u could be help for u r psychic also...and very good healer.... 
as i am also in this HEALING LINE....u can tell me aslo healing method etc...if u wish.!!.
hope to hear from u soon..
love and blessings.
my mobile no is....
may be i can talk to u . if u like...
i have one more clint lady...needs help...can tell her to contact u...if u say....


8/14/2011 8:42:37 Suborna Bordoloi aita hazarika West Bongalpukhuri, Jorhat, Assam 785001 

She is suffering from a still undiagnosed disease where she is passing urine every hour. This is resulting in huge energy loss and extreme weakness. Doctors are yet to find out the exact reason. She is 65 years old and already weak and frail. She is suffering from this for the last 15 days. 

8/17/2011 16:52:29 Craig Brooks Julia Brooks 828 Grand Regency Pointe, 1-200, Altamonte Springs, Fl, 32714 

The patient is my fiancee and he has has this issue for years. Here is what happened. I got a free reading for him because the events that has been happening in his life has been surreal. He lived in South carolina and moved to Orlando fl, however since he moved he has not been able to find a stead job. Over the past 2 years, everyime that he gets a job, he loses it with 2 weeks. Ok so I got a reading and was told that he has ancestroal involvement, self sabatoging, black magic and list continues of negaivity working against him and againt us.

Is there any healing that you can send to him. I am financially strapped right now as he havent worked in about a year and bill are piling up on us as well as we argue and fight everyday.

Please send whatever you can to him. It would be greatly appreciated 


10/1/2011 13:44:05  Jacqueline Decontie Patricia Pridemore 330 Principale Sud Maniwaki,Quebec,Canada, J9E3G6 

I have hypoglycemia.My addrenalls,kidneys and thyriod need healing.
I also am very hurt(emotionally of anything)even something little,I would go be sad for days for something that confidence and more self esteem would take care of. 


10/4/2011 13:50:04 jose nunez  ana de paola 465 crescent st brooklyn n.y 11208 united states 

i feel like im dealing with some very negative forces.i feel like im being attacked physically,mentally,spiritually.i feel completely impotent sexually and in every other energy is completely stagnant.i feel completely paralyzed.also i feel my mind is being affected very much also.I feel like im being possessed.I also feel like im dealing with some form of witchcraft at times.having a very hard time financially and with women.thanks for your help.any help is greatly appreciated. 


10/16/2011 16:10:21 Kolin Yardley  Mary Bazuik  Kelowna, BC Canada 

Weak lungs due to smoking for many years
(I haven't had a smoke for 7 years.)
Also I have just developed(3 weeks) a pain in my back spine at heart chakra. It comes and then goes.

Any healing energy would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


10/20/2011 12:42:58 jaswant singh parkash kaur  360 roop nagar sonipat 

i'm suffering from my digestives system since10 yr 


10/20/2011 13:09:18 Brenda Ramos  Carol  4426 Teak St, Corpus Christi,Texas 78411 United States 

Nicotine/cigarette addiction for 36 years, emphysema for 8 years. Currently smoking again and very sad about that. Really need some help. 

10/22/2011 15:30:56 Marina Pascal  Mary arouff  beauvallon,Mahe,Seychelles 

She is a woman of 63 yrs old.
She is suffering from hearing and breathing problem for some years now.
Could you heal her?

Thank you.


10/26/2011 5:16:11 Dihonn Carroll  Ellen  London, UK 

my whole body is tense, anxiety, stress, negative energy 

11/8/2011 11:02:29 humayun javed  shahida  pak lahore 

hi sir h r u 
sir muje muscle problem ha or bohat zayada ha eyes pichay ja chuki hain or band se hote hain puri body ma kichao sa ha kamore bohat zaya da ha samj nahi ata kya huwa ha main student hun or collage jane ma pata nahi kya problem ha jaya nahi ja raha plz ap is ka ilaj kar dain or healing bajain k ma collage jaun or sir muje healing ma interest ha kya ma ap se on line chat kar sakta hun agar asa ho sakta ha to plz mail me ma ap se question karna chata hun kundlini reiki ka bare ma thinking ma bi broblem ha bolne ma bi or sune ma bi ya 3 month se ha pata nahi kya huwa ha 
plz ap healing bajain thanks 


11/29/2011 6:21:21  sagar madhukar ganjare  usha madhukar ganjare  8, shri krushna nagar godni road nagpur 440030 

cough from 30 days, medicine is regular but still having problems, reports r also normal , to u r knowlege i m also a reiki healer 


12/18/2011 1:27:40 vijaya kumar khadka  Dun kumari khadka  Kuala lumpur, malaysia 

Dear Guru Vijaya kumar Bali,
Pranam !!
I am vijaya kumar khadak from nepal. I believe in spiritual. I got reiki I and II from Dr Yogi Vikasananda. I am searcing the spiritual sites. Fortunately I got this site. I am working in malaysia. I want to continue my reiki practice. I humbly request to Gurudev to pass me reiki energy. I am looking to get your "Darsan". Thank you.

With warm regards,
Vijaya Kumar khadka 


12/20/2011 16:48:30 jennifer shelton  linda easley  5 wincrest sherwood, ar 72120 

energy blocks, negative energy following me the last couple of years, bad luck, depression, despair, curses, psychic attacks etc... 


12/20/2011 16:51:38 randall james hunt  mary evelyn lindsey  5 wincrest shrwood, ar72120 

bad energy cloud, curse,negativity, and also the house has been going through this for a very long time.


1/7/2012 3:48:20  indira r pai  sumithra bhakta  p-3, teachers quaters, pune 

i underwent angioplasty on 31st dec 2011, i am doing fine..........if posibble pls send me healing for recovery and normal life style........regards 


1/11/2012 12:49:14 Andrea  Robena  394 Dell Street 

I've recently gone through a divorce and am having trouble keeping my mind clear and healing properly. 

1/12/2012 0:53:33  Aymen  Shafiqa  KSA 

I complain of many many symptoms like: chronic continue headache, chronic generalize pain, fatigue, &tired. Abdominal cramp pain. sleep problems. back &joints pain.emotional,personality,psychological change.moody change.weak &froget.many other symptoms. I have unsatable emotion with unability to have close relationships. less ability to continue any work. Lonely & have bad luck. about my physical, health. emotional, are not well. I think I complain of hormons &endocrine problems but doctors said I'm not. I don't have answers.Note: keep my information private 


1/20/2012 10:24:13  saksham beri  suchi beri  21 aggar nagar enclave,ram bagh.Block -A 

saksham is 13+ years old.he is diabetic n there is lots of fluctuations in his sugar levels .most of the times he cumes above 200,which is not good for his health. plz bless him wid your reiki n blessings! he wears an insulin device alwas on his body which is his life now. 


1/24/2012 3:04:10 Sayandev Roy  Smt. Smritika Roy  Kolkata, West Bengal 

I am hardworking for various Govt./Private job exams, but I am not getting any job opportunity yet, as on the basis of my qualifications for one years. Please can I get distance healing that can make some good changes over my career, thank you. 


1/24/2012 10:03:53 Kailash Ram Sharma  Gulpati Devi  Depression & HighBP 

From last 1 month iam getting very much depressed & hipertension due to some office colleague.They are humiliating and insulting me always. Iam feeling very uncomfortable now a days.
Please help me.


1/30/2012 11:31:12 Vikas Goel  Smt. Mithlesh Kumari  4, motimahal, mzn 

digesion is very poor. gastritis and acidity & liver troubles 


1/30/2012 11:35:56  Vikas Goel  Smt. Mithlesh Kumari  4, motimahal, mzn 

body weakness, digesion is very poor, gastritis, acidity & liver troubles, since about 10 years 


1/31/2012 14:53:45 Sumeet Sagoi  Ravinder Kaur  23 B DDA Flats Taimur Nagar 

Over all health gets affected every now and then 


2/3/2012 2:10:36 archana sharma  susheela  55 adarsh enclave trikuta nagar jammu 

problem in stomach and intestines since 30 years diabetes since 2 years cervical spondylises and disk since 19 years 


2/3/2012 3:51:49  Emanoil Vincler   Penta  Aleea Decebal Nr.5 Bl.8 ap 4 

My father is coughing a lot and sometimes with blood in the sputa. 2 months ago he had an X-ray and he has a tumor on his right lung. I am trying everything to help him heal.Please help. Thank you 

2/20/2012 4:39:10  Jeffrey Jung  Alice   503-8831 Lansdowne Road Richmond BC V6X 3T5 Canada 

I need help with overcoming blockages to manifesting prosperity and abundance. Have had trouble attracting money into my life. Am constantly broke, and depressed. I need a financial miracle to occur so I can get out of debt. I have a business but have no customers and would like to be able to attract clients to me regularly.



2/20/2012 5:19:23  Estrella   Diamela Pumarino Jackson  Hamlet 4340, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile 

To whomever of you guys may read,

I was raised in the states I decided to come back
to my home country (CHILE) when I was 18 in order to get my
law degreeand help out in whichever way possible with the
infinite problems south america faces. I have lived here on
my own as a students for the last 5 years. On 2008 my friend
found a kitten that fell off of her roof and I adopted her.
Now, she has been diagnosed with liver disfunction resulting
in anorexia, and the only way to get better is through
eating. Although lat week (after three weeks in treatment)
she ate by herself twice, in the past few days (after her
antibiotics treatment sttoped under vet's orders) she has
been blue, and once again is not eating and is hiding out in
the most remote places of my home. I have run out of
resources financially to get further veterinary treatment
(doctor says to keep on force feeding her and hope for the
best), after all, I am just a student with a part time job
and no health insurance for myself, let alone pay crazy vet
bills. Hence, I beg of you to help me from a distance. I
know I am asking for help for just a cat (as my mother
calls her), but she, Estrella, has been through so much and
I just cannot sit by and watch her suffer, it would just not
be humane to do so. I love this animal and she is my only
and BEST ever companion, hence, I beg for you to help me.
Thank you so very much in advance. Diamela. 


3/5/2012 15:21:32  Rose Kircher  Rose Holloway  1902 Beautiful View Dr #17, Harrison, Arkansas 72601 USA 

Namaste - I haven't any energy, no desire to do anything, go anywhere; a feeling of hopelessness, what's the use of trying?, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained, empty. I feel like I have just discovered that I am a puppet and am rebelling against being forced to do what the puppeteer wants me to do, yet I do not know what it is I want to do. It has gradually become clear to me that this is happening to me for the past year though I have been more or less watching it occur rather than experiencing it. Please, help. Thank you. Peace, Love and Light 

3/13/2012 20:02:36  Sannija Safonova  Viveta  Flat 11, 17 Upper Mount Pleasant Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Ireland 


I don't know how to explain what is wrong with me. About three years ago, I experienced something strange, and ever since then I have been losing my feelings, inspirations, aspirations, and hope. 

Since the day three years ago, I'm no longer able to feel music inside me (I used to profoundly feel it), to become aroused, or put my imagination to use in the form of art, or study. I feel as though I have died, and have become a ghost that wanders the earth quietly, with no pleasure in anything. 

Food does not taste good, either. It seems like I have lost something. 

Please guide me on the path to feel better. 
I want to awaken into a world of light.

Thank you. 


3/17/2012 16:51:42  Andrew Roberg  Erika Roberg 4734 Tufts Cir, Denver Co. USA 

Age 3 will be 4 years old in April. Severe allergies to many things sometimes go to the hospital in life threatening condition. 

3/25/2012 4:34:52  Simar Kaur  Parvinder Kaur 42/2 East Patel Nagar ,new delhi-08 

Hello Sir ,
Since the day I was born off & on , I am suffering with some or the ailment. At Present I have been diagnosed with PCOD & Hormonal Imbalance. I am quite depressed due to this , have tried all most all treatments but to no avail. I myself have done Reiki 1st degree wayback in 2001. 
At times I feel so stress out and in return I end up being harsh with friends & family. Pls help ! 


4/14/2012 2:46:44 Genevieve Lobo  Mary Lobo  Vile Parle East, Mumbai, India 

This is a request for healing. Last year I was diagnosed with fibro cysts and multiple tumors in both the breast. Two months ago I was diagonalized with multiple cysts in the liver and kidneys.Presently I have slight pain in both armpits, knee pain,knee bending problem. I feel blood circulation problem in the right side of my body, eyesight weakening, darkening of both the feet near the ankles and next to the toes. Bad odour in the mouth, digestive problem like If I have curry food then burning in the chest and curdled food comes out, over weight in upper body and stomach, Dr has advised to reduce atleast by 10 kgs. Cholesterol is high i.e 261. I am being treated for that 



Radhika,my daughter-in-law,is suffering from a personality disorder which causes her to have severe temper-tantrums,depression,very serious fights with my son for imagined grievances.All this causingtoo much stressfor allof us,especially myson whose personal and professional life is severely impacted.Problem we have observed for 7 yrs. from time of her marriage.She does not accept that she has this problem-so we arenot able to take her for psychiatric treatment {we have been advised that she needs medication}We request healing which will make her aware andwilling to take medical help and advice.Her5-yr.old son witnesses so many ugly scenes.We all want to help her to get better.PLEASE HELP! 


5/17/2012 10:38:32  Dora-Beatrix Zaharia  Pop Ana -deceased  Toronto, ON, Canada 

Cystic ovaries and uterus. The cysts are many and they are in different sizes from 4-5 centimeters down. The problem started in summer 2010 and for about a year there was a lot of blood loss, but that has changed now with some medicinal teas. Still very painful during my periods, which are prolonged from 5-10 days. I feel weak, lost my fitness, at night I perspire a lot, I wake up at times, I don't have too much energy during the day, which is so different from how I used to be; and I get headaches during my period, which I never had before.
Thank you so much for your offer to help, I am very grateful. You now have my email address, please let me know if I need to do anything.
Kind regards, Dora 


5/19/2012 5:40:40  pooja shivakumar  sasikala  Bangalore, karnataka 


I have a problem which can be only solved be Reiki/crystal helaing as it
is a
mental problem which medicine cant cure. Thats the reason why i have opted
for Reiki after doing a bit of research in internet. The problem is
described below and please let me know if this can be solved quickly. Also
please let me know if you need any additional details.

I am arun from mysore(India). I was in relationship with a girl from past 4
years. The girls father got to know about our relationship last month and
objected strictly since we belong to different caste and her father has now
brainwashed the girl nicely . He talked to me and told this cant
proceed as we are of different caste.i pleaded him prolitely to take
some time as its matter of our life. He went home and told to my girl
friend that I spoke harshly and didnt give respect to him at all and
played a double game.she got angry blindly beleiving her father and
She called me and told me that she never
loved me and she cannot marry me at any cost as her parents are important
for her.

On the other hand I have convinced my parents after lot of arguments and
emotions and they like her a lot now. Even she knows that. But even then
she didnt think about our love and my parents but decided to go with her
parents force to aviod me. Till the previous day she had kept promising me
and my parents that she will fight for our love and convince her parents.But
she some how let her mind loose because of some magic mantras or some bad
energy injected on her by her father. I want her back at any cost as
me and my parents like her a lot.

Her brother and mother had accepted our love. But after seeing her dad
upset they changed their mind now. Similar situation was there in my house
but i managed to get my emotions strong and won my parents heart. Since she
is a girl she is bit too emotional and fell for her parents tears. Please
get everything back and make their parents accept me as their son in law as
my mom and dad love her a lot now. I dont want to spoil a girls life by
marrying someone else and not keeping her happy as i have my love still
very strong in my heart.

I request the reiki to be performed for the following three things
1) Want her to get back her true love on me
2) Want her dad to change his mind and accept me as their son in law.
3) Want her brother also to accept me completely.

Please help me .

My name : Arunkumar
DOB: 03-03-1986
GIrl: Pooja
DOB: 16-05-1989
Girls father: Shivakumariah
Girls brother: Naveen s

Let me know if you need any more details

Eagerly waiting for reply from your end. My parents are getting suspiscious
that some thing is wrong with the girl as she has not called from past 20
days. She used to call every week. I have not told my parents that she has
broken the relation because my parents may get upset. Please take some
action as soon as possible.

Pl let me know if you need any more details. 


5/23/2012 11:06:31 Melvyn Jamieon  Ambrozine Jamieson Panama City, Rep. Panama 

Recurring keloids on skin even after surgery and teatment. 


5/25/2012 14:11:38  rakhi  parkash  

stomach problem  i am suffering from mensturation problem since many years.i took so many medicines -alopathy,homeopathy,ayurvedic.but no effect.sir can i become well as before.why is it occuring me ?please help me.please.. 


5/28/2012 23:51:14 Troy Abraham   May Abraham  572-A Kuakuau ST,hilo.hi 96720 

I have fibromyalgia and chronic back pain. I been suffering for years i would say 3 to 5 years already. The pain hurts my back to the point i can barely do things. I also have emotional issues that make me have difficulty to maintain relationships could energies be freed up please? Thanks i will extremely appreciate it. 



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