Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ATTUNEMENT - Kundalini Reiki Master Interesting View / Experience after taken the Master Degree From Reiki Master Vijay Kumar Bali share www.reiki4universe.co.nr

Hello ,
every Kundalini Reiki aspirant, Greetings of the day !!! I’m here to share with you all my personal experience with Kundalini Reiki (KR). This story begins few months ago when I was busy collecting the knowledge over the theory, practice, methodology & science behind Reiki. Being a engineer, I’ve always convinced myself with logic. Continuing on the same path, i wanted to gather the exact logic behind the working of Reiki. After putting in my best effort for approx 3 months in this research work, I found myself in a comfortable position to get attuned for USUI Reiki. Actually few of my close friends already started their journey on the spiritual path of Reiki before I started my research work over Reiki. My group consists of mainly those persons who want to know about their real self. And most of my friends felt that Reiki attunement should be given try to understand the ongoing USUI Reiki tradition in our era.

          After having discussion & learning the experiences (and knowing the positive feedback) from my USUI attuned friends, I decided not to waste any more time and get USUI attunemet as soon as possible. But before starting with USUI Reiki I wanted to make sure for the last time that there is no advance attunement available than USUI Reiki. After more search, I found that KR is claimed to be more powerful & advance than USUI Reiki. But still bubbles of questions were bursting in my mind that among USUI Reiki & KR, which one is more powerful ?? Since my friends were already USUI Reiki attuned, I decided to try something new & finally I made up my mind to go for KR attunement to find the answer of my questions. Then I began my search to find a suitable GURU from whom I can get KR attunement. Moving in this direction, I came to know that Ole Gabrielsen of Denmark channelled KR. After search on net I found the website of Ole. Their I got the information that KR attunement is being given free of cost these days from Ole by means of audio attunements (MP3 files) because Ole has stopped giving attunements in person. I downloaded those MP3 files & tried to get the KR attunement through them. After trying for more than one month, the result was embarassing. I got nothing from MP3 files. I tried to feel KR in every possible way but the result was zero. But due to my research work over Reiki, I was sure & certain that it works. Then without losing my hope to learn KR, I thought to go further & get KR attunement in person. Through sources I reached Respected Mr. Vijay Bali. I contacted Mr. Bali and had a long discussion about his experience & success rate of KR attunement. After being convinced by him, we planned KR attunement. I was curious & at the same time worried about the end results of attunement. I was also thinking how I’ll feel after KR attunement but I was assured by Mr. Bali & I stopped thinking about the result. Finally on 24 July 2011 & 07 August 2011, I got my KR 1 & KR 2 attunement respectively from Mr. Bali. just after one day of receiving KR 1 attunement, my most of the confusions got clear like how to feel KR energy because I felt energy through the sensation in my hand & legs which is said to be a clear symptom of reiki energy flow.
These days I’m busy practicing KR under the guidance of Mr. Bali. Now I know the taste of energy & I’m enjoying it day & night. This energy is mystical & no word or sentence can describe/define it. Only those who have felt this energy can understand about the feeling I’m trying to express.

          After my experience with audio attunement, reading countless books, searching on the internet, discussions with other teachers & practitioners of Reiki, I suggest to go for in person attunement from a teacher because my study & experience says that no matter how many books you read or find any other indirect medium, until & unless you get attunement by a GURU you can’t expect good results.

              Though few of my questions related to para normal science are still unanswered, but I hope to get their answers soon with the ongoing practice of KR because I know that only practice can make me perfect not attunements as my understanding says that attunements are only gateway not the path. Actual path is KR practice and our destiny lies in our own hand.

               I would like to thank Mr. Vijay Bali from the deep of my heart & I express my gratitude for all his support, love & blessing due to which i’m trying to give a new meaning to my life.

Let’s pray to the almighty god to give us the patience & strength to stay on the path of KR so that it shall show us the path of light & divine love that will surely lead us in knowing ourselves & the almighty God.
Best of luck to all for your spiritual journey !!! May God bless us all !!!

Regards- PC 


  1. I congratulate you for your research work on Reiki.. Reiki can not be fully explained by logic and language..what we are doing is trying to satisfy our logical mind...how healing works..why one recovers faster and another does not respond at all is beyond logical understanding...but metaphysically everything is working according to universal laws...

  2. This blog is very well Thanks for posting Keep it up
    Reiki is a Japanese art form that reduces stress and promotes relaxation and healing by improving the flow of energy throughout the body

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