Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TREATMENT - Healing experience by participaint share by

Dear sir,

Hope ur throat is fine now. A gain here is a new experience I would like to share with you. Sir, its been 2-3 days something was not wrong with me. Since from today morning i was sad, dull and very very upset. The emotions were disturbing like anything and the was going on siddharth and also on to you. Suddenly i started feeling like earlier. Started hating Siddharth n automatically I started crying with out any reason. tried to talk to u, but something was blocking me from doing so. still i tried many times n when got failed in that, it was mental torture... BUT thanks to god, very soon i fell to realise that It might be the effect of the same negativeness. At shimla Siddharth had discussed about the passed issued with me. he did it just for the sake of sharing his feelings, but unknowingly it had started effecting me. so, in the evening i sat for the healing. And yes my doubt was true. my healing went on for more then 30 minutes. And during the healing, my body was feeling lots n lots of pressure n I could even see lots of darkness around me n the same darkness that i had seen. The same darkness which was washed by you. But again mother rekie was consoling me so lovingly n protecting me n soothing my fear during the healing. I salute n hail rekie. And a great thank to you. But must beg for forgiveness from you, for wondering wrong about u. Even though the negative thoughts were cause of negativeness, but i must ask forgiveness from you, sir. 

Take care. Bye.


Dear Sir, 

As per ur advise, today I practised the mediation for twice. Once in the morning and latter by 4.30pm. In the morn, it was good but I was falling asleep too much. But in the evening time, I woke up from my short afternoon nap and then sat for the meditation. 

While doing it, was keeping my hands in the namaskar mudra.. Every thing was going well, but was not feeling the energy level up to the satisfactory level. and as i have shoulder pain that poster was making me uncomfortable. Then, I changed my poster and kept my hands on my lap/ thighs. Then sooner lots of energy started flowing through my body. I started feel lots of heat all over my body hands and legs. then, again my hands got opened up and energy bubbles were moving out. Then I requested the energy to heal the pain i have on my shoulder. Surprisingly, slowly lots of heat started flowing towards it and my neck got bent automatically slowly as if some one is making proper space between my shoulder and neck to put some balm. And for few moments the healing was going on. 
Then, after that, I felt a sharp pinch on the back side of my head in 3 areas. one is just on the centre of my top of the head, 2nd it was just below it, some 1-2 inches away, and the 3rd one was just on the centre back of my head between both the years. My head became too heavy with some weight. And it was very very slowly moving in a clockwise direction, as if my head was floating in the air. 

Then, I felt the sensation and brightness plus heaviness on the fore head and the centre on my both eyebrows.. both the areas were having the sensation of electric shocks...and felt an inner explosion of some energy. For a second it scared me..but i still kept my eyes closed. Then the energy flowed to the throat area, and this area also got widen up like, my chin got lifted a bit slowly. And all these areas were feeling heavy with some energy and also feeling very very light as if floating in the air. Then lots and lots of vibration started coming from my centre of the heart all over the body. 
suddenly I felt as if, through out my hands, at short short distances many circular things are rotating slowly in the clockwise direction, then I felt the energy sensation on my naval, root and solar chakras... each n every chakras were giving me specific feeling of their presence and vibration... for some moments i felt as if i have lifted from the ground and rising high. Then I felt a slight jerk at my very lower part with some rotational hot air feelings...All of these together was different but scaring me from time to time, cos i felt as if it was too much of energy and was loosing my control over my own body...

I had sat for almost 45 minutes and it was a terrific experience...for the first time i sensed so much and actually was feeling each n every chakras distinctively...

Sir, it there any sound also get produced from chakras??? Please, if u get the time give me the explanation fr this. Probably my words on this mail are not that expressive. But i hope u will be able to understand, what ever i m trying to say..



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