Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ATTUNEMENT - Healing experience by Partcipaint conducted by Reiki master vijay kumar bali

Monica Agrawal

This is first time i attended reiki healing event.. I have completed my master healer course few days back and practising reiki for 4 month hence was aware of reiki
but since never seen Master vijay kumar bali so though of attending that event and even i asked my father, mother and mamaji and mamiji to attend the same

We took at different times and followed the procedure explained.

When i started i started with full faith and gratitude after few minutues i felt sleepy i saw continuously green outline of colour and dark blue and indigo colours in that circle
after few min i was slept after that after few hrs when i activated my reiki for my own practice i felt a great and strong flow...infact till now i m feeling that i m just thinking of reiki and reiki is activated it was a great experience thanks to Energy and Vijay sir

As far as my mamiji exp is concerned she started with same procedure for first 3 min she saw a sai baba huge madir and she is appreciating and suddentl in few second she was slept and she slept alomost for 2 hrs and a deep relaxed sleep which she was missing for few months

Thanks and Regards

Dear Sir, 

Here writing the experience on behalf of my parents about the atonement. Putting up my father's word as below.

---- on the very day morning, I was feeling very normal. Was sure n open to take the energy atonement. Then at the right time with the hole heart I took the seat as instructed by Vijay Sir. Once after eyes were closed I called all the supreme ones to thanks them and showed them my gratitude and kept my palms on my thighs. During then, felt the energy inflow in my body. But after that I had gone to deep sleep with the energy within. After some time when I woke up from the deep sleep And felt as if the procedure is being completed and wanted to lift my hand up to finish it. But surprisingly some how my hand were heavy with the energy and was not easy to lift them. So giving it a positive thought I happened to keep them as it was. After some time Palms became light automatically and I felt like completing the meditation. During the meditation, Also had some tingling sensation under my hills n feet. as if some thing is pulling through. All I cloud say that, I felt really spiritual, light inside and supreme happiness inside me. It was all over a great experience for me. 


Mr. Mishra.



It was a day as usual. At the previous night had gone to sleep with the thoughts of atonement. Whether or not, but had a nice dream at night that, I was travelling over a river on a boat with a child in my hand. Suddenly the boat gets drown, but surprisingly i could walk over the water holding the baby n during that I saw many dolphins were jumping out of waters with cheers. I felt it as a blessing of god. 

In the morning I felt really good n was waiting for the time to take atonement. well then as instructed by my master, I sat before 10 minutes and stared chanting my GURUJI mantra.As the energy flowed in, felt like being in heaven. after some time, there was a pressure felt on the right shoulder. Then after a while, I could feel bright energy light on my crown chakra. The feel of that light was very soothing. It was giving a feel, as if I m being at heaven. Over all it was really an great feeling to have that supreme energy with lots f vibration inside the body. 



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