Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TEST - Student of reiki master vijay kumar bali share her first Healing experience share by www.reiki4universe.co.nr

Dear Sir,


Sharing the very first healing experience of my life. Well, this healing was as much a very 1st feeling that much have become an Honor for me, because, this request of healing had asked by my own MASTER himself. !!!! Well, just fortunate enough to get the chance to heal some one, who's soul is a core essence of my Master's life... It was for 2-3 few days, that could take me to an different type of feeling...

Its a afternoon time. i was lolling in the living room. just then received a call from my MASTER, for an healing task. Well, not much confident if can give a positive result to it. But as it was my Master's call, he put confidence in me. Immediately set up my mind for the same. I sat in my regular position over an chair. 1st of all I did thanking greetings to my great GURUJI (spiritual teacher), then the god, then to my master, parents and all the holy ANGELS around me...those who support me n love me...

As taught by my MASTER, Pronounced "Om". then, requested the needed soul to come in between my both palm. As the soul appeared inside my two palms, i had a feeling of holding some one's miniature life.... I felt so heavy in between my palms. After that, asked for the permission from the person's soul if at all I can send the healing? At beginning, The soul was not feeling secure enough to accept healing through me. With the help of the Reiki energy, I had to give my introduction as the disciple of My master Vijay Sir. Then probably her soul got tenderness and believe on me.

the energy was requested to heal her for the betterment of job, and to bring stability in her work. it was really great to heal a person like her. Through the healing i found her soul being very soft, pure and strong with will power. Even though she was surrounded with negative waves, still her soul was bright and peaceful inside, it was calm, it is serene....I felt very tight and heavy energy flowing through my palms to heal the soul. After some time My palm started itching and paining cos of the force of the energy flow. My legs sensed some sucking force from the ground/floor. Both my hands n legs were just stuck in their own places. The whole room got pressurised and heated. There some heavy ball around me that was probably protecting me n the soul from being damaged. I got an message from the energy that, this disturbances on that soul was an self created mind illusion which was generated from some little disturbances might had happened at her home. Cause of which the indirect effect was falling up on her professional life to make her confuse n bringing her moral values down. But while doing the healing, some times i was feeling a inner peace. This peace happens when we console any body with love n emotions, when we put our hand on some one's head. Probably it was the response from the soul was coming to me, as her soul was feeling better n light. And some times i Also felt that, she has surrendered her entire life for her family, husband and kids. No matter how worse, she faces the situations, has strong hold to face n resolve them under her foot step. But she is very sweet n blessed with white energy.

Then approximately after 30 minutes, the pulling between my two palms got soften suddenly. Even I felt light after that. y hand n legs got released. over all it was a very goodexperience.

Then i concluded the healing by sending the soul back to her own place and thanked her for the support n co-operation with me. Then thanked again to all my great souls, my master, my god, my guruji, my parents n my angels.


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