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TREATMENT - Cancer IV Stage Patient Treatment done by Reiki master Vijay kumar Bali Share by www.reiki4universe.co.nr

Dr. Sujata She is Specialist in Cancer and Running her own Cancer Hospital, at Alwar
 ( Haryana), India her husband also Cancer specialist.

          Dr. Sujata  brother in law suffering from Cancer and was IV stage and his  treatment was going in Jaipur ( many months)  but there was no  improvement their health than they have taken patient medanta hospital  ( one of the best / biggest hospital of india, http://www.medanta.org  )  for treatment but  after two month Medanta Dr told there is no more hope and take it home,  this patient have only one week. After all door close Dr Sujata was decided to try some natural treatment for miracle, she searched on and  found  Reiki master Vijay kumar Bali, connected to him by phone and took appointment , Reiki  master Vijay kumar bali and Dr Sujata met and discuss about patient Critical situation Reiki master vijay kumar bali also understand and took challenge even the Dr Sujata Came very late because chance of survive is very less but being Reiki master Vijay kumar bali started the treatment every second is very important
Reiki master Vijay kumar  Bali told to Patient son to send one mail about his father condition which is pasted below :

My father was admitted in medanta, medicity ( http://www.medanta.org/) on 13th august and all investigations were done which revealed that nothing can be done medically to treat or cure jaundice and cancer. Thereafter my father developed swelling all over lower limb, ascites increasing and jaundice deepening.We took discharge from medicity on 20th august. Meanwhile Reiki was started when we met at chattarpur mandir on 14th august. We reached alwar on 20th august and my father went into semi-coma state on 21st night with marked swelling and increasing bilirubin, he became better next day but was still in semi coma state and biirubin continued to rise. Swelling started to decrease on 24th august and became conscious on 25th august and , but ascites and bilirubin still increasing with bilirubin value of 45 on 26th august.

When Reiki master vijay kumar bali started The patient was in coma and also suffering  Hepitis ( Jondis)  so condition was very critical any movement can happened. Even Dr Sujata have no hope but somewhere she have believe on spirituality .
the patient parameter  was changing day by day patient, Patient comeout from Comma and  started talking to family and Reiki master vijay kumar bali visited the hospital and met the patient..
                       The next day medanta hospital discharge the patient  due to not more hope , but Dr Sujata has taken the patient her own cancer hospital and started the treatment with the hope of reiki. the blessing of reiki started and patient condition fluctuated some time  Improving and some time worst, One day dr sujata also told reiki master patient was going to die in one hour due to  paremeter showing on Monitoring maching but again miracle happened and patient survive and continue going on.even Dr Sujata fouind the figure from Test that is also shocking  Now Dr Sujata also got believe and patient those suppose to die in week continue survive for Two month

Second mail from Patient Son  about  condition of patient which pasted below and showing the parameter of patient.

Forward this report to Mr Bali. 14 th August case discussed with Mr Bali. S.Bil 14 mg%. Marked odema all over lower limbs.High grade fever not responding to tablet crocin . High dose antibiotics started at Medanta . MRCP revealed no possible management. Reiki treatment started on 14th august. Persistent fever, Bilirubin increasing and condition deteriorated. Bilirubin decreased mildly by 17th & 18th to 12.7 mg%.Weakness increased tremendously and became serious on 19th. Shifted to Tarini Cancer Hospital, Alwar on 20/8/2012. Became critically ill on 21/8/2012. Was expected to die on 22nd with S. Bil of 37. Slipped into semi coma on 22nd. TLC increased to 33,000 on 22/8/2012. Had difficult situation pertaining to scrotal swelling. Started with Baba's medicines from 23/8/2012. Odema started decreasing from 25/8/2012. First pedal odema went off and then scrotal swelling. Was out of semi coma condition on evening of 25th.But s. Bil increased to 45 on 27/8/2012. TLC decreased to 13,000 by 28/8/2012. S.Bil decreased to 32 on 28/8/2012. Patient restless with complaint of marked weakness but biochemical parameters have started decreasing from 28/8/2012.Slight improvement in appetite from 27/8/2012. but ascitis not responding and patient is restless.
            Medically, it is not possible for s. bil to decrease with odema decreasing.Reiki and baba's medicine and prayers are working.

Thanks for helping. Hope Jitendraji ( Patient)  gets well and cancer goes away.

Dr Sujata 

Some of parameter of report……

14th August: Meeting at mandir bilubirin=14
15th August:
16th August:
17th August:
18th August:
19th August: = 25
20th August:
21st August: = 18
22th August:bilubirin = 22 ( After this point very rare anybody survive)
23th August:
24th August:bilubirin=37
25th August:
26th August:bilubirin=45

It is very rare anybody survive such high biubirin but that patient was still alive . Dr Sujata also search on Internet is any such experience she hardly find anybody survive such high parameter, Such parameter most of body part failure but patient is still alive many week.

                       One day Reiki master vijay kumar bali met two special Angel Energies when he was sending healing to Patient and that energy started communication with Reiki master vijay kumar bali and asked Reiki master vijay kumar bali why you are surviving this patient and gave warning  Reiki master vijay kumar bali if you continuing than  u will  face the problem . But master vijay kumar bali didn’t answer and continue his healing and also told all this surprise instance to Dr. Sujata , after this instance the patient survive one week ,

      But due to reiki Patient survive two month… even modern medical science left their hope but reiki fight and gave two months.  Reiki master vijay kumar bali also told Dr sujata if you come  early than we definite survive the patient . because reiki is also spiritual science for that we need regular dose to patient but patient already came very late and patient body was also not working most of his vain block due to cancer ,
                     If  this patience come early than we also clear the blockage of body  and chance of survive of  patient lot more, This two month is also got this patient due to reiki energy otherwise  his own energy was not able to live even one day

Still that family touch to Reiki master vijay kumar bali for their blessing and love 


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