Thursday, February 28, 2013

TREATMENT - Another Reiki Treatment of Reiki Master Vijay Kumar Bali give new life

Another Treatment of Reiki Master Vijay Kumar Bali how soul illness effect the life. by


Dear sir,

Hope this mails finds u in a very good health. as i had promised, here i m writing the success story behind my present situation.

"I am a resident of Banglore. Being married from a year back. Life was running quite well. Just as almost every family have ups n downs even I started facing the same.

some where inside my heart an unknown fear started building. i started to fear of loosing my relation with my husband. Started getting afraid of my in laws. All Those accumulated fears took physical shape Many times at night I used to get up with fear as if some thing bad is trying to harm me. And also used to get bad smells, but my husband he never felt that smell. I used to get afraid of being alone inside the kitchen, as if someday is coming to hold me from my back.

Consequently those misunderstanding, big fights and the unnecessary involvement of my in-laws made my life worst n worsen.

When things went so dark and negative, I went helpless...i Did complete surrender to my god and asked for help as if begging for re-birth if my life. Then some miracle happened and my god brought a Rekie MASTER as a true help line, my savior of relation. Sir Vijay Bali, dragged me out of that black well and gave me a new life full of positiveness and peace.

After many year of marriage I have no child but after master blessing I also conceived and that is most beautiful movement of my life when I come to knew I am going to mother.

Friends, Rekie being so powerful and great by its own loving kindness that it gave me internal peace. Its positive energies have filled my heart with strength and has cleaned all my fears and defects i had. There were so many hidden facts which me myself was not really aware of, were all being cleared with the blessing and healing of Mother Rekie. Its not a magic but yes, truly its a natural miraculous supreme and divine healing energy that heals a person's each and every superficial and hidden issues. The more strong the faith up on Rekie the more it helps you to get cure sooner.

Regards to Reiki Master vijay kumar bali

Ananda ( Banglore, India)


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