Saturday, February 16, 2013

ATTUNEMENT - Kundalini Reiki I Degree Attunement Experience Conducted by Reiki Master Vijay kumar Bali

i sit for attunment at 3 10 ,,at first i see lot of colors in my head ,,while i was siting i sow My master Vijay sitting in front of me in mudra position ,,he was wearing orange - yelow shirt ,,while i was looking at my master i also sow my midle son sitting next to him in same position ,,bouught with lovely smile and glowing on face ,,,while i was continue sittin in attunment i fealt water and i sow ,,water wawes coming and going ,,this was amasing ,,my whole body was relaxed and calm i fealt energy going thru my body ,,lovely feeling ,,thank you Master Vijay to gave me the oportunity to sit again on the attunment ...even i am Master my self its always grate to sit for Master Vijays attunment ,,i always feel special and lovely ,,Aum Shanti

Swasti Jain

Hello dear...thank u for the attuenment...
Yest it was very calming attuenment for me..
I actually didnot felt pain nothing,,,i think its gud sign..may b chakaras clear then before..

Anupama Reiki Agarwal
Day 27 jan. I was online nd talked to mr Bali nd we talked to each other abt kundalini reiki attunment .he asked me for it nd I say yes . I really wanna do it at tht tym ………….as usal I ws lil confuse how to do it nd it ll be done by me or not actually frm d begening I want to do it face to face tht desire again nd again come infront of me or I m being lyk pendulum . aft 1 hour I called my frnd nd asked to him I don knw wht ever he think abt it but we both wanna do face to face all courses wht we wanna learn he suggested me tht do but whn u r able to do it face to face or first let complete wht u started first thn learn any other course I. I tried to convience him tht my thing is hard I cud nt go an tym anywhr so let me do as things come in my lap . he said if ur innerself really wanna do it thn go nd do . but I decide to nt do it nd I ws free frm it . But aft spending full day in nyt at 9 pm I feel very uneasy nd some typ of vibration around me it ws so powerfull I ws totally distracted nd feel something is dere who force me for getting tht attunment . I called my frnd again nd told him abt it he said to me go nd do it if u wanna , I disconnected his call. At tht tym I ws ready for d Attunment , the attunment tym ws half nd hour but it ws wid me till 1 hour I feel higher energies around me at tht tym as I feel talking abt energies is always beyond d words I don hv too powerfull words to express it. I feel tht vibes wid me till mrning . . I really feel gud aft doing it

Natalia Marenco

Dear master Vijay,
I couldn't sleep night before attunement, and I followed all instructions you send me and did everything at 4:00 am my time, that is 2:00pm Indian time.
During attunement I focused on my breathing and listening to Gayatri mantra from your video so I stayed in meditation position for at least 28 minutes. After that I feel asleep until my daughter Luz Marie woke me up at 1:00pm so I could go to eat something
when I woke up I felt all my body very heavy
and felt some pain in my joints , last night was still sneezing and coughing, but today I can breath much better, and seems the cold is over still feel little congestion in my brochia, but is nothing compared to last days
master, I slept so much yesterday and today that I got lost in time and thought today was sunday, and I didn't took my kids to school, I realized when I call my mom and she ask me if kids where back from school. is it normal to feel this heavy and sleepy?

Amanda Hernandez

    i followed all instructions to a tee started with aummm 3 times and thanked parents Ancestors Masters Reiki Energy. sat in room feet on cotton as asked to do in meditation pose and placed my hand how asked to on thigh and focused on my breath during any thoughts i had i didnt let stay left my mind cleared and when ended i thanked my parents ancestors masters kundalini reiki energy and earth for this takeing place in my life for better of mankind dureing i found very peaceful. and felt tingle in my hand but i ignored that dureing and continued to leave mind cleared

  • thank you master vijay god bless you

    i have been feeling good i slept well stright threw lastnight and have found myself meditate more also sense of peace after

    thank you and god bless

    Amanda Hernandez (USA)
    • January 29
    • Raysh Cool ( 22yrs ,MCA , India)
      When i was healing i saw a black circle in top of my eys..after that i just called my parents name and god.then sudnly the white light came in my thoughts and aftr that evrythg is gona be relaxd ..nd i felt that enrgy cume around near my thoughts..and then i just prey to god.


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