Sunday, February 3, 2013

TREATMENT - Reiki help there devotee all satuation by Reiki Master Vijay kumar Bali share by

         Today I am going to share another own experience ( Master Vijay Kumar Bali ) 

Master Vijay kumar Bali’s mother (72 yrs ) was sick without any reason, she felt uneasiness in body and felt cold in few hour she started vomiting , dizziness, she was not able to go to Doctor Master brought Dr. at home Dr. examined and found everything is fine and he felt it is gastric problem so Dr.  injected and gave her medicines, she got relieve and slept at night, but morning again problem started and she already became very weak so master decided to take her to nursing home to find the problem meanwhile master did healing for gave her energy to reach to nursing home. 

As soon as Master reached nursing home treatment started and medical tests So all test came ok. Dr discharged her in one day , gave medicine. she came back home but became very weak.. master again given healing for recovery. Night Master was sleeping near his mother  look after. First night when master was sleeping he heard voice of her mother, found mother was fell down from bed. Master shock and picked her up on bed, after falling from bed master mother again felt vomiting and dizziness so same movement master gave healing, she slept in one hour and next day, master was worried because whatever happened at night not repeated again.. . next night Miracle happened , at night 3 O'clock Master mother saw so many star, and light curtain, chandelier twinkling on the roof of room with bright light and she asked master what was all this. When master saw on roof there were nothing on roof. . Master start smiling and say it is blessing of your god who is protecting you. But now hidden form.

But master knew it is Reiki energy who is protecting Master mother and family from negative forces and after this instance mother recovered so fast . 

As soon thing normal now negativness attack in Master mother in law, one day master wife called him office and told her mother condition was not well, she unable to breath now and cough too many days , master without wasting time reached home to took mother in law to hospital , Xray report showed she has big infection on chest (Pneumonia diseases) need to admitted in ICU. She admitted and treatment started but nothing was improving Dr also confused why such strong antibiotic not working on her. So they started to took other test to knew the reason, everyday three four test was going on . Like TB, CT Scan, Pet Scan, MRI, ECG, Sugur. Bronchoscopy ,   EndoScopy, ClonoScopy Many more whom name I don’t knew. Even one day Dr called Master wife and told your mother have chance of Cancer , she shocked to hear this and she asked what was treatment Dr told if it is on lung than no Chance she shocked and came out Dr. cabin and told master with cry master relax her and told I don’t felt so. But master also disturbed and not able to use Clairvoyant power to check what is truth, so master slept early that day and got up early morning three o’clock and connected  to mother reiki mother ,reiki told she has no cancer and other problem, .But master little confused what is right next day Petscan report supposed to came and which told , no cancer other report was also ok , Master say thanks to reiki and say sorry not to believe her word and which now come to true…..and mother in law chest infection also clear and now she is home but weak due to many tests. And antibiotic. 

So both case there is nothing come out even situation went upto death but mother reiki help both time. So Master see the how The combination of Modern medical science and reiki help human being to fight against negative forces and human can be get better life and world if keep reiki at home 


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