Sunday, August 26, 2012

ATTUNEMENT - Kundalini Reiki Attunement Experiences dated 19 august 2012 conducted by Reiki MASTER VIJAY KUMAR BALI SHARE BY WWW.REIKI4UNIVERSE.CO.NR

Holly . S. Miller by profession she is Life Assurance Agent in USA. She sended her experiences about Kundalini Reiki Second Degree attunement Experiences...........................

My experience from August 19th

Since I am in Calif, with your Indian time difference, you would have begun around 3:30 a.m. early Sunday morning. With that in mind, by Saturday evening, I had developed a bad headache. I have not had headaches in a very long time so I was very aware of its appearance! I had layed down to sleep without taking any medication for my pain, around 9:00 pm and slept until midnight. When I awoke, the headache was gone. I went back to sleep but only to wake up again around an hour later which happened for the rest of the night as I could not sleep well, but didn’t feel tired either. About 4:00 am or so when I awoke again, I had remembered the atunment was to be starting. I started feeling the energy right away very strongly when I opened my eyes. I knew at that point what it was and that I was not going to sleep again that morning. I was up. I went outside to enjoy the night sky and cool air. The feeling was awesome and expansive. At first I could not see any stars, then they came into focus and seemed to draw me up. The whole sky seemed so vast to me. I felt so light and free and was just reveling in the moment. It was an awesome feeling, indescribable. I closed my eyes to see what I could see, and there was the night sky in my head as well. The stars, the Nebula, the colors that I always see of purple and bright. I opened my eyes, the feeling was still there. I was in the zone. I felt this long into the morning for about 4 hours or so very strongly, then it subsided as the day went. The rest of my day was a normal day, but the feeling was wonderful throughout and I was not tired. This also has extended through this week for me only on a more diminished level. I look forward to the time when I can generate this much energy and feeling.


Second Experience 

this is B A Balaji Former International Volleyball Plater and Former International Volleyball coach want to share my experience as i took Kundalini Reiki by Great Master Vijaykumar Bali a wonderful person of all....
as i took Reiki I that time i made mistake to take my attunement but this time he guided me verywell to take it in proper this connection i took help from another Great Master in Reiki Mrs Amna...

This time i want to one diff experience had before takeup this on sunday the 19th of aug 2012.. I was been made tnse not to take up my reiki by my family menbers i dont know the reason.. but it was just before 3 pm my time to takeup my attunement  later i was silent for 20 min then got ready to sit at 2 55 and took proper instruction given my master  duting my course of attunment my palm were half close tha means someone forcing me not to take up...then i was so stable to receive this and went well.. i felt lot of unwanted things came in my mind still i was very stable to take up this wonderful journey with sweet souls and great masters like Vijay and Amna and other top healers around the world..

im very much thankful to Master Vijaykumar Bali given me this opprtunity to do well and become good healer in future...

i thank one and all who support me in and out of my home to achieve this wonderful journey...

namasthe...B A Balaji (arasu)..ommmmmmmmmmmm shanthi ommmmmmmmmmm...


Third Experience

Deepankshi Arora she is MBA now House wife share Her Experience about Kundalini reiki II Degree Attunement Conducted Reiki Master Vijay Kumar Bali 

My experience during attunement of II degree.

This time I was pretty sure that my experience is going to be better from degree1 but after sitting in meditation lots of thoughts started barging in. Most prominent thoughts were 'you are not going to make it', ' attunement not going to happen properly'. I was not able to go in deep,but then i recollected myself and remember sir's words that 'don't get along with thoughts just start chanting' . After 15min I felt the energy as i started feeling warmth in my body and i went into deep meditation where i saw myself as a small child of 7-8 yr old playing in very beautiful garden covered with bright sunshine,suddenly i heard some one's voice saying' lets go its the time'(that means death) .I got sad ,started crying & looked back towards my family as they were also crying .I didn't wanted to go,suddenly i heard the same voice consoling me 'don't worry you r not going to be alone every one has to go there',sooner or later.Then i didn't know what happened to me i got so much convinced with that voice i started running towards lord Krishna who were suddenly appeared in front of me and hugged him badly.He also took me in his arms tightly.At that time i felt very secured ,peaceful as if i have to rest here only, for my life time.I was asking him that u know me ,u love me, i actually matter for u ? In answer he just smiled.After that suddenly darkness appeared and something filthy and black thing comes out of me and vanished afterwards i felt peaceful again.This feeling continued for sometime and i opened my eyes.

                                              Fourth Experience

Dr. Swasti Jain reattending the II degree attunement her experience which she share


i started with the request of attuenment on 19.08.12 at 3.15 pm

it was funny that i thought i dont need it as recently i took master attuenment from bali ji..but just a day before i agreed to bali ji's request of taking kundalini 2 attuenment again..may be he found that i have more chances of improvement..

so i started it..initially i had weired thoughts which i was able to control easily. in few seconds i could feel some sensations brushing my solar was a relaxing feeling.after it i felt same brushing sensation in my throat chakra and my head started getting was mild heaviness but still i could feel the discomfort.
sensations in throat chakra grew and i felt choked for the if somebody had held my neck tightly.for few seconds i could not move my neck and even cud not swallow.this choked feeling reduced and vanished in few minutes

heaviness in head increased and i could feel it moving towards the centre of my forehead.something was pressing the centre of my forehead.pressure of pressing was so much that my ears were numb and cud feel the vaccum inside.i tried breathing and waited for this pressure to reduce.and suddenly i felt a knob being moved in downwards direction exactly in the centre of my forehead (it was same as we open the knob of the door)..felt sudden cold air their after and everything was normal after head was little heavy after attuenment , but its fine now.

thank u bali ji (i never thought that re attunemnts also work wonders )





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