Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ATTUNEMENT - Kundalini Reiki I Degree Attunement dated 29/07/2012 conducted by Reiki Master vijay Kumar Bali share by

Deepa is House wife . she sended her experince of Kundalini Reiki I Degree Attunement , We are very thankful to lovely soul who sended her experience for wellness of world.


Just after 5 minutes of meditation I started experiencing very fast blinking of my eyes,I tried to controlled it, but it goes on & on & comes to normal automatically .

Second thing I have experienced was 3or 4 sages or rishi (Saints) performing yagya,then i saw 'prabhat feiri' ( Chanting the Mantra  early monring) passing by street & everyone was so much involved in singing bhajans( Spiritual song)  of lord Krishna with dhols & manjeer ( Instruments) as & above of them i saw lord Krishna smiling.That atmosphere was so pure & sacred ,I filled with love & busted into tears.
        After that i saw darkness for friction of sec & saw 3,4 souls departed from dead bodies, at that time i didn't felt sad or depressed,just witnessed. Afterwards again I went back to same happiness & started feeling abundance as if I own the universe.

so at last very tx  to Reiki master Vijay Kumar Bali for show me very different world



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