Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ATTUNEMENT - Remote Distance Kundalini Reiki Attunement Experience Conducted by Reiki Master Vijay Kumar Bali dated 15-07-2012

Hi friend,

I am Reiki Master Vijay kumar Bali Posting anther and one of tuffest Attunement experience. IN this experience i also like to share my experience which is also very important. When i have started attunement Dr.Swasti Jain same time i attacked by negative forces i felt some body putting presure on my aura i understand it but as i further move in attunement process that negativness trying to stop my attunement and starting disturbed my mind and was sending message stop the attunement of that sweet soul but i continue my process and than started lot of distubance mentaly and illusion wise but i knew all drama of negativeness and protected to by lot blessing and energiess,at last i completed my attunement process of lovely soul. it is also showing that lovely soul effected with some type Black magic and due to that she is suffering alot in her life .

As soon as finished my attunement i connected to lovely soul Dr.Swasti ji i told her how you felt master attunement because i am little worry about her because that negativness also distrub lovely soul even i have given protection before attunement to all lovley soul. Whatever she told she also send in mail so i am sharing all of you

Kundalini master attuenment of Dr Swasti Jain
It was scheduled on 15th july 2012 at 3 pm. So as instructed by bali ji i started it at 3 pm. The moment i started i got a thought from my inner self,,,WHAT ARE U DOING,WHY ARE U DOING THIS, THIS WILL NOT TAKE U TO UR TARGET,,,it was just for a fraction of second and the vry moment i realized that bali ji told me NEGATIVITY CREATES ILLUSION AND WILL TRY TO STOP U...just recalling this i didnt mooved from my place and started concentrating on my attuenment. Firstly i had some thoughts of my problems but soon i was able to forget them n concentrate again on breathing. In between I had little pain in back of heart chakra but it faded away. I was just breathing in and out but cudnt feel any thing as i felt in kundalini 1 & 2 ... After somtym when i didnt get any signal i decided to finish attuenment. And it was approximate 30 mins gone. AFTER ATTUENMENT I had some water. Had really heavy head. No pain but head and eyes were really heavy. And body was feeling tired so i slept for some tym. It was such a deep sleep that i felt , i slept for only 5 mins but it was actually 1 hr. After wAking up also i had heavy head. I took sm medicine but no efeect. Then had tea also but no use. I cudnot stand on floor widout support. By night at around 9 pm i had fever , heavy head , stiff neck , pain in root chakara due to wch i was unable to sit. So i decided to sleep at 10 pm only. But cudnot sleep till 2 pm. As while lyng down also i had heavy head and as if air is mooving in my head. Any ways today 16 july i woke up at 8 am. Things seems to be normal by now. But still i can feel air floating in my head and numb ears. ThAnk you bali ji for attuenment. Just wishing that by this attuenment i can acheieve my goals well on tym.


                                                            experience 2

Sharing Another Experience of Participant who took participate in Remote Distance Kundalini reiki Attunement ,

My Experience about 3rd level Kundalini Reiki. 

Namaskar to all sweet souls. On the very day of event, I egerly set my position on my meditation chaair. As instructed, had lit the camphor lamp before 15 minutes. Then I sat fro the meditation with a pleasant feeling. Thanked every one as Sir had instructed. As soon as I called the reiki energy, could hear a voice of a old wicked women laughing on my act of meditation and saying "whats the use of this stupid meditation ?" But very moment as the reiki enegy stared flowig through my crown chakra, that voice screamed loud and ran away as if that wicked women would have got burnt. !!! All this happened hardly for 2-3 seconds.. And then I ramin sitted in the editation. Wad sensing the awesome energy flowing through crown chakra till the root hakra and my entire body was enjoying the superconcious power. Many pictures and scenes were playing in the background but my brain was not in a state to understand them or remember them. At last for few seconds I saw an tall white flower made out of crystals. IT has thousands of petals and rotating on its own axis. The shape was like pine tree and on the tip of this flower, there was a white milky circle covering an black circle. And up on that another small circle had formed. The black color was similar to an Shiv linga color... !!! Well, could not understand the meaning of this. I would like my mastre to explain me what could that be ?

Thanks & Regards


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