Friday, January 18, 2013

TREATMENT - Reiki help MBBS Student to Selected in MD in first attempt.conducted by Reiki master Vijay kumar bali

This Event Conducted by Reiki Master Vijay kumar bali to energies professional Reiki Practitioners in that they share their energy each other and this Reiki master Vijay Kumar Bali effort also work wonderfully Master sharing experiences of this event.

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Every practitioners get wonderful result i am going to share first Experince from Dr Depanksha Dutta.

By profession she is doctor MBBS- ( Bachelors of Medicine )  very young she has also II degree of  Mukio Usui reiki now she try to attempt  to MD - ( Doctor of Medicine)  in National level Competition  exam and it is very tuff in india the ratio of success 2 % to 10 % only . 

    She met Master Vijay kumar bali and discussed her future plan and showed little nervousness , Master Vijay kumar bali Advice her to participate profession reiki professional healing share event.  She agreed becuase she has strong believe. Even in one month event she harlly share  due to tuff Competition Exam. Her target was Two best  hospital to get chance one is PGI Chandigarh and other is All India Institute of Medical science ( AIIMS) both institution have few sit and many  thousand students trying for that and  selection will Decided by merit list most this institute average go more than 95 % .
but become specialist in medical you should clear this exam...   

The healing was going on she felt some time nervous and some time afraid so time came when exam come and that is PGI chandigarh. She went their for attempt after taking blessing of Master vijay kumar bali. 
      in this exam one dramatic move came.  her near  ( one is front girls and one back ) was caught by inspecting team because they are cheating the news also came on indian news paper it is great scam in india history girls of MD exam caught by special team  for more information you can see this link

Dr Depanksha dutta was worry what will happend because result stop. and after few day government declare exam will held again. .Dr depanksha was very upset now again need to prepare it.. Master vijay kumar told her whatever happened it is  for good ..

Again date came for exam she tried for that and this time she clear gettng 96% marks and she was selected now she is very happy because she achieved this in  first year attemp otherwise most of doctor try many time than clear.

After clear exam she understand how reiki work, it is blessing of reiki who made all ,caught the cheater girls and rearrange exam. if it was not happend Dr. Depanksha Dutta not selected and un illegible girls selected and once they selected than what happend patient whom they treated. 
So reiki not help Dr Depanksha but also help mankind for better future.... 

   she came to met master and say tx to him and all professional reiki people who sended healing to her in share.

   now she has great believe on reiki and reiki master happy to see future coming doctor also lover of reiki and it is good sign for humanity.

the main motive behind this  reiki master show the young boys and girls how reiki can energies them due to that they success rate increase and  less time achieved more and which help mankind progress. 

God bless Dr Depanksha Dutta who share this for all

Reiki master vijay kumar bali


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