Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TEST - Reiki Student after Sending Healing to their master Vijay kuamr bali sharing her experience by

Pranam sir,

God's grace to u. I felt like sharing the lovely success as m very happy for this.


Only few gets such chance, to heal their own master. One day surprisingly my master asked me to send healing on him. Purpose s of a great event, but i would like to maintain its holy secrecy. On the very 1st day, i requested his super soul to accept the healing energy through my hands. The moment i could sense the soul in between my hands, an amazing peace of mind continued. the whole room got filled with highly spiritual vibration. It continued only for 2-3 minutes. the flow of energy was strong, and as advised by my master, i was sending the energy with relax mind with no interest in viewing or seeing the intuitive messages, those generally pops on during the healing. Gradually, as days passed, i got advised by the Reiki energy that, MY master must give up the up coming opportunity as that may bring obstacles to establish his ideas. 2ndly, the new experience i went through that, on the 4th day, energy stopped me from healing him... as if it held my hand back n shut my mind to spell the idea or the purpose of the healing as my master does not need that at all. And it also showed me the path, on which i must shall send the healing with what purpose and I did it. on the 5th day of healing, again i started with the same method to make it confirm , weather what ever judgement Reki showed me was correct or was my mere illusion. And yes, it was never an illusion as the same intuitions continued. Finally on 6th day an wonder happened. Through the healing, mother reiki made me realise, whom i m dealing with...!!! He is just not a mere human soul, something beyond the higher spirituality. He has the direct grace of the LORD. The one and only supreme soul, the cosmic soul has been blessing him. Rather i must say during the healing Automatically the healing energy got converted into meditative energy for my soul. In my life I could sense at least the presence of cosmic image , its infinite image, that was blessing me. It was grand, as if there is no starting n no ending, filled with cosmic supreme rays. The strongest, the powerful, the omniscient but yet calm and humble, soft...

After so many beautiful things, finally i could reach to an conclusion, which I had to share with my master. Thankfully could see the future behind the his ideas, as how its gonna take shape in this planet. All my best wishes and prayers are with him for ever. And where the lord himself is holding him so strong, who the hack can dare to obstacle his path. The best news is day before yesterday, the 1st phase of the healing result happened. MY healing received its 1st success as my master took his 1st step forward, as was advised or viewed during the healing... And am really happy for this.


Mrs.Aparnashree Mahapatra


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