Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TREATMENT - Healing experience share by

thanks sir.

Well it took 2-3 days. but finally could clean it. But planing to heal the house again for today. Had gone through a new experience of healing. and today morning i got the result, a practical result in front of my eyes. That,the dirty negative waves or energies were spoiling the curd i used to set at home. since from last 4-5 day the curd was not getting perfect setting.As my mother says that also happens due bad eye"nazar". but after last evening healing, again i set the milk for curd n today morning i found it in its best form.

well, during last healing of my house, i went through HORRIBLE experience. But thanks to Reiki energy, which protected me in a very new and innovative way. As 2days the before the Crystal had exploded on my face and heart chakra, last evening the energy made a flat wall like shield just between my hand and body to cover the face, neck and rest of the body till the wrist of my hands. But the feelings It took me through was really horrible n death killing. during then, I felt as if i am rotating, swinging over a giant wheel at a 1000km/h speed, next moment felt as of pushed down by a roller coaster at a rocket speed as if the entire room along with me me was moving. next moment felt as if i m going round and round inside a dark ocean's water Whirlpool. I cant explain the way my poor heart was pounding in fear...but the Reiki energy had hold me by consoling till the end of the healing.... :( at a moment i felt as if i m truly gonna die right there. i could even see mu aura and the white positive energy fight hard to maintain the difference between negative gravity from the positive gravity. was pathetic...

Reiki aslo advice me to chant my guru mantra continuously till the end of the healing. And at last thank god all is ok and i m also safe. but again had to heal myself at night as my heart chakra was still in threat. But last night could sleep peacefully, after so many fearful night.



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