Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Healing test experience of master and their son taken by Reiki Master Vijay kumar Bali share by www.reiki4universe.co.nr

Going to share the experience of Energy Test which is taken by Reiki master Vijay kumar bali , his Student  Master/Teacher Amna. K . M ( Canada) and his son., she is Kundalini Reiki master and her son is born healer
                   Test Started , Master felt in the beginning  both energies were  pure but Master Amna energy little thin and multi branches and other side his son energy is very strong and united . Amna energy was very soft and effected with sentiment and his son energy is harder no sentiment. Amna energy was with lot of love and sentiment but her son was very focus energy without any sentiment and master also saw one negative energies around Aura, eyes of some lady which also following both mother and son and their family due to that Amna family somewhere suffered. After 10 minutes master seen all thing clear and master went deep deep unconscious mind when master comout it is more 30 minutes. It showed when both mother and son energy merge together than great thing happened. Even master enjoyed their energy a lot and their energy also clear negative blockage which master felt few day also clear. So over all it is wonderful energy combination when mother and son give healing anybody. Master also happy to see the performance of his student. Amna also asked master can I attune my son with kundalini reiki master vijay kumar bali say no because your son already nature way to heal so leave her son nature way and he is also very young so when time come than attune now he can only do meditation for son.

Experience of Master/Teacher Amna. K . M what she felt at Test time. 

                I spoke to my Reiki Master Vijay and I decide that me and my son O.Mrkonjic send together healing to Reiki Master Vijay only for 10 min .We sat togather and at begining i fealth Vijay's energy with me i start observing and my vision was he was fully entering my crown chakra and going deep thru all my body , finaly he left and wend deep in to mother earth , this is first time i experiance him us a grounding and same time balancing my whole body and mined ,,,it was amasing experiance .My son is God gifted healer and he has diff experiance , he took reiki Master Vijay name to haven and he was holding him in haven , he sow vijay so happy there , and my son feel so hot and sweating while he was doing healing .My son says it was lovely experiance . Master/Teacher Amna. K . M

              The son of Amna say one thing about master after his healing experience. That master energy is very very different from them.

God bless Mother and son 
Reiki Master Vijay kumar Bali


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