Saturday, May 4, 2013

TREATMENT - Young and talented Guy get new life with Reiki Master Vijay kumar Bali Treatment.... share

Today i am going to share another wonderful experience of Mother reiki Treatment done by Reiki master Vijay Kumar Bali

Master Vijay kumar Bali got the call from Channai ( Indian City) , guy read about Reiki master Vijay kumar bali is Psychic Medium, a Clairvoyan power so he asked few question for their answer. master given the answer their question. once he got satisfaction for this answer he requested master for healing for their better life. he explain his problem like this..

 He is young guy and return from Australia after compilation of high study in MBA and CA But when he return home the atmosphere of home was very bad everywhere tension and problem he also lost his father and not getting job always getting headache and afraidness. and slowly slowly he also losing own confidence. he father was well known Charted accounted in Channai so he has already many clints but they are not giving any work even some time Clint like to talk to him , but Raju has not get confidence to met the  clint due to that he avoid the clients.

He has having pain in  head and not getting comfortable sleep and worry about tumor in his head and also going to doctor,  started the checkup. meanwhile he connected to master and sended few question for answer

Dear Sir,
As per our phone conversation, please find attached pic of mine and other details.
I did my B.Com here in Chennai and went to Australia for higher studies. I completed the MBA and CA there in Australia and now returned back to Chennai to take up my father's Accountancy practice.
I am anxious about my marraige, approval from Govt for Accountancy practise rights in India and in general tensed about life.
My questions are -
- When will I get the approval from Govt for practice rights in India.
- When will I get married and I would like to know the girl's profession and her   family.
- I look forward to regain an important client which we lost a few years ago. Will we get back the client and if so , when?
- As discussed, I am having pain in my head and not getting comfortable sleep.Please explain.


Master answer all question and answer to young guy and solution how come out...

After study his problem master Vijay kumar Bali started his healing and in healing master found their is woman soul who was attach to this young man. and blocking his life. master understand why this talented guy suffering like stupid people it is game of some negative soul who has attraction for young guy. and this guy by nature is wonderful. 

   When healing started that guy was tremendous pressure of negative everywhere he feel problem and unable to breath at home also. felt alone headache continue

         First day healing he got  little relax this guy,  and three day the pain gone. and he started to bring life in normal way. but one day master sending healing to guy Reiki master Vijay kumar Bali saw one black Energy women who came to master and try to show angreness on master but master hardly care and continue healing. after few minutes master talk to that negative force and request her leave this boy in beginning she is not ready she told she felt very comfortable with this boy.  Master understand she will not go like this than master started his advance weapon of healing due to that the energy stuck on that and than master order go away  lived on tree which is near that guy house and not disturb him again. she went out from boy house.

  Master never meet this guy and master also surprise how i went the boy house in healing session even he has no attention like this  and how master knew there is big tree outside boy house. for that master call the guy and asked for conformation is any big tree outside your home , guy don't knew he said master.  master told just go and saw  any big tree outside and front of gate of your home. he went and found yes there is tree . master understand whatever happened in healing was real and that negative soul now on tree.  this guy medical test also not find any  tumor on head.. and he thanks master to safe for such big diseases which is ready to come in his life. Master also explained if that negative force continue with you than definite you will stuck with this diseases. but now all clear so enjoy life and work hard for better future

   Than master explain all to this guy and also tell the description of negative women energy which is stuck to him. but guy no idea who was she. 
      Master saw negative energy was  typical woman of Channai ( City of india) culture woman have a black hair and big eyes and fair face. 

after 15 day healing the guy told to master, he felt comfortable and need to break  from healing . than master has given some tip how to continue make you life free from all this type negative force and advice to do meditation and lot more.

 Now this guy life going better better... 

 but master happy one more person knew how spiritual medicine science work wonderful on soul which is not possible in modern medical science.  one more young guy new the value of reiki in life...

Reiki Master Vijay kumar bali strong believe if people start practicing this spiritual science 15 minutes in a day than their life problem cut down to 70% ....

At end master Say thanks to all positive power who has given master such ability to treat other and connect to spiritual world and science for better world



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