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HEALING - Free Remote Distance healing Great Year 2012 More experiences ,

Free remote distance Healing for Great year 2012 

Reiki Experiences of Free remote distance Healing for Great year 2012 by Reiki Master Vijay kumar bali by own word.

Today i am going to start talking about Free remote distance Healing for Great year 2012. My Experiences as a Reiki Master was wonderful and one thing which i had realized after healing That it was first time of history of Reiki One reiki Master Healed around 500 lovely soul with different - 2 diseases and problem , different country and different -2 time zone in one shot and most of them got result and this all happend due to blessing of reiki and i relized whatever we knew about reiki it is not hardly or starting point of reiki there lot lot lot lot more which we need to discovered.

I started my Event healing around 3 clock ( P.M Indian Standard time) and i was very relax and silence . First Two hour of healing is taken by wonderful soul which i realized in healing and i enjoyed their healing very much or you can say they have great love for me and Reiki i felt my body was flying in the air and communicate their heart and most of them taking first time healing from me. i am full of unconditional love for them... it is all due to their respect for me and reiki which is generated by own and law of Super Power...
Next Three hour is harder and it made me tired and sleepy becuase they consumed big amount of energies... due to their illness or strong negativeness near to them.....

Last hour of lovely souls were doubtful and not have belived on reiki which i felt at time of helaing but still sitting.... so this hour is one less consuming energies..

So , Very soon i am going to add more reiki participant experiences one by one on this blog...

Thanks, love and regards

Vijay kumar bali


thank you for reiki healing dear Vijay !! 

I am in america and your healing brings great inner peace and warmth. i too am reiki master/teacher, and i appreciate your talents of shared. healing on all levels, mental emotional physical spiritual/soul

received within me in gratitude and honor for your gifts. namaste, i 'see' you help so many people, and that is honorable deed. 

too i send you power the gifts of my reiki, same as you sent to me, if you choose to receive. Let go all of your clients worries and pains, I am sending now, you can embrace it at any time you choose. 

__/*\__ namaste


                                         Second Experience

As Suggested by you, My mother sat for healing yesterday, her healing continued for 12 Min or so, at the starting she felt something a bright purple light was entering through her spine and moving upwards inside the body and stops at heart chakra, than she saw while rounds chakras as some body is throwing at her. after the healing she was relaxed and felt gud overall...

Thanks from all of us for your healing Event

Monica Agrawal
CEO- Unified HR Solutions
Pioneer In HR Trainings

                                                                          Third experience

mine got over in 5 min and so my brother
father just felt sleepy at the time Healing Event.

Monica Agrawal
CEO- Unified HR… 

Delhi, India


Fourth Experience

it was really nice. i think i did according to ur instructions. very immediately i started receiving the energy, after asking for the energy flow. i went very very i could not remember things those were going on. very 1st i got the blessing of an godes but dont know her name....she did not had any particular shape n face. And then, my heart automatically started chanting shiv mantras... different mantras one after another..but i have never practiced them...i mean i dodnt even know these mantras... then saw a shiv linga small one, shaded over by a saptapheni naga on top and lots n lots of bright white n golden rays started coming from the linga's right side to me on my third eye chakra. then my head started drooping n drooping till my head reached almost till my naval chakra. then a lot of air with lots of pressure came out from my right year.... then i went on deep sleep. after half an hour i left a big jerk on my left knee ..and some how my right hand jumped over for an second ...the jump was with much force. then i came out of the energy hold. 

i have no clue about these things ....what ever have happened...but feeling really good now. feel like sitting again for it...


Fifth experience

Today i am going to share another experience of free Remote distance healing events great year 2012 by Reiki Master Vijay kumar Bali share by

This is share by lovely soul Katharina L. Harer, Writer at Galactica.the.adventure, Lives in Los Angeles, California

"After the reiki healing session I had a very productive and creative week. I started writing on my third book, all of a sudden it just started flowing! And I got over my stage fright and went performing my music at a venue and all in all I feel as if the energy surrounding me, the people I meet are friendlier. I have more happiness and peace in my life now. I am so grateful and hope for more sessions!" -  thanks!
Sixth experience

Mimi Brown From Honolulu, Hawaii )

Mimi Brown  Share her experience like this................

my daughter not that moody...and me i feel calm... Namaste for the time and thoughfulness that you have offer to us and the world, Vijay Kumar Bali!! 

                                         Seventh experience

Another wonderful experience of  Lovely soul which i am going to share.... she don't want to put her name so i didn't mention her name here.


i am practitioner Kundalini reiki ,i had sited according to your instruction around 6:15 Indian standard time in the beginning i got some disturbed thought but as soon as time passing i was going to deep meditation and than i saw the great shower of energies coming from sky and entering from my head and moving to full body my body was full relax and i didn't feeling anything except the water energy and sound. it is very beautiful sound it is going on around 45 minutes and last i felt hardness in my neck and that also clear after some time... all this was around 45 minutes... but i didn't knew where i was that time only remember beautiful energies.

I have piles problem 20 yrs but now completion of three week i did't felt sign of Piles in me... So may be my problem cure let see how many days i free from this diseases but it is sure now my body is very relax.

Rely very lovely experiences , i am feeling i was in heaven at healing time or some other universe. 

so thanks master you show me new world.. thank alot

P. Mishra

Eight Experience
Today i am going to share another experience of Free remote Distance healing event jan 2012

Amna Mrkonjic (   Lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada ) Freelancer Graphic designer

Dear Vijay God bless you for amasing frre healing for 2012 .It was amasing experiance ,,,all my body was lite ,,,feel like my body is so light and look like i am flying .i felt energy going thru me like power shock which was so amasing experiance ,Reiki with right master is beautiful thing ,,its something that i recomend all to to try .Especialy Reiki experiance with Master Vijay is always special .God bless you Vijay kepp doing it ,,,you are born us a reiki healer .
 Ninth Experience
Ashu Batta ( Reiki Partitionner Mikuo Usui II) by professionally he is Businessman run his own export unit in Delhi, india.. 

    I had sited around 9 ' Clock Indian Standard time due to my busy scheduled. As soon as i started i felt vibration in my body it started from back even i was also getting thoughts of my business but i didn't involved in that as you told me but after some time i didn't knew where i was because when i got up it is around 25 minutes over and i realized i am in meditation but my right knee is paining me which i don't knew why because i have no problem in my knee in  my life due to this pain i was uncomfortable to sit more... so i stop my session and after 25 min. that pain also gone after sometime so sir if possible can you tell me why this pain or any reason behind....

Now three week over healing session i m feeling very well even i am also seen effect on business and feel more piece in my work and confidence in me... my afraid also disappear which i felt before healing session, i always felt unseen afraidness  in my business and life but now i don't feel so... yesterday my wife gave birth a boys so every where happiness .

i am very oblige to you and your effort. I am very oblige if you want anytime my service for your noble cause.

thanks and regard
Ashu Batta

Tenth Experience

I am sending the experience of my brother  thanks and regards

in this experience  not mentioning the name of participant so not mind due to not willingness of participant ....

Education of participant - Ph.D in ROTORCRAFT Engg. Maryland University. 
Sir please not mind i done healing session due to my sister insist me. i sited around 11 o'clock india standard time in Maryland. as soon as i sited i got intuition why not i sited under water shower than i got up and went to my bathroom and sit under Shower and repeat the word which is mention by Reiki master vijay kumar bali and this session went around 10 to 15 mint on that session i chat the Aum Mantra, I felt Deep piece and coolness in my mind now around three weeks over still i am feeling that piece in my mind, soul.
So thanks master, not mind i sited under shower without your permission but i felt healing work wonderful in water too.. and give more relax to body and mind...... 
Eleven Experience

Mr alok is also Kundalini Reiki Practitioner in Orissa , his experience. 

I have started around 5:30 indian standard Time. in few minutes i entered in deep meditation but i felt something forcefully cleaning  my Chakras due to that i felt strong push of energy and it was continue for all the healing time and that session was around 45 minutes but after session i was very relax and calm and now it is around three week i still very comfortable in life and health wise and i am seen my flow energy increase.

Thank master and rely surprise how a one master heal all world in lot of differences in one healing rely it is unbelievable... God bless you..for noble cause
Twelve Experience

Suchi Beri ( Kota, India)

Hari om Sir, i mus say u r doin a grt job ,plz keep d gud effortz goin!! prhapz m not dat lucky to b in touch wid u...dat day i was not in town n dint sat for healingz:-( bt nw plz guide me wen to sit for d same.

Thirty Experience

Tina Burda (
From Ostrava, Czech Republic)

Honestly I must say that during a visit to the session here. Family came and stayed with us to sleep. I could not find a quiet zone.
 Fourteen Experience

Luz Urbina 

Hello dear friend! My name is Luz and I have an experience of the long distance healing you invited me to. Because of my time zone I missed it and I so much wanted to receive it. When I went into meditation I realized then that your energy was still there and if I wanted it I could still tap into it. All it took was an open heart to receive it. The energy would still be available if I wanted to receive it. I thought this was awesome. Since then I have seen a paradigm shift of energy in my Soul. There are certain things my Soul had awakened to as a child and now after I tapped into this healing I sense a more sensitive intuition and peacefulness about life's challenges. Thank you so much!
                                       Fifteenth Experience

Arzina Jamal ( Pakistan)

Hi Vijay I was on internet for very short time maybe five mins or so just to check your instructions. I wasn't online today as we did not have electricity where I live therefore no internet. But yes I did as per your instructions and sat for an hour. I felt a tingling sensation first on my hands and foot and then various parts of the body. I could feel the energy and it was very relaxing. Thank you so much. May God bless you abundantly~ Arzina

    Sixteen Experience

       i am sorry i did healing session with viewing my TV serial programme so i didn't felt any sensation in my body but my left knee starting paining in the middle of healing session and that pain also disappear after finishing the Healing session. After three week i felt i m little more confidence and happy..

Thanks and regards

Rita Wadwa
Rohni, Delhi

Healing Experiences of Great year 2012 Event by Reiki master vijay kumar bali share by


Shamballa's Light ( Lives in Modesto, California)

Hello Vijay, Today I am feeling, light filled love and deep peace within my being...happiness and joy is wonderfully flowing. This day I will be partaking in 2 group meditations, and continuing throughout the week. I am grateful! Thank you Vijay.

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