Friday, April 6, 2012

ATTUNEMENT - Experiences of Repeating Attunement Kundalini Reiki Level I Degree INR 2000/- ( $41) by Reiki Master Vijay kumar bali

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 All lovely souls god bless all of you. I  am very happy to see many many lovely soul like to knew about spirituality Science Which  is real medicine for human body and soul. those problem which unable to solve reiki work wonderful and helping  modern science  for better result.  ( old attunement) ( repeat Attunement)


This Kundalini reiki Level I attunement happened due to demand of lot of lovely soul who missed due to unavoidable circumstances ,

This Attunement again very wonderful experiences for me being reiki Master most of lovely soul has lot of negativeness and due to that some of them are suffering multi organ  diseases and some of them very soon effected with diseases if they didn't start to cleaning the process of that negativeness....  and which only possible by reiki or reiki science....... Even i felt some of lovely soul have Bones problem etc there lot more.

But thanks to god and all positive power who give me power again to attuned all this lovely soul and connect them with super power for their betterness and good for humanity...

I am going to start With lovely soul Dr...Swasti Jain, By profession she is doctor and Prectitionner Reiki Mikuo Usui II degree , she has wonderful health and wealth but some question of life which she didn't get answer, after two year of practicing mukui Usui. so she  contacted me  for their un-answer question of life being a Clairvoyant i have given answer of that unsolved question of life after few days she requested me for Kundalini reiki attunement i accepted being lovely soul...

               At the time of  attunement time i saw her energy was suffering with great negativeness may be in few months taking shape of very bad diseases. Below i am showing her experiences which she sended me for wellness of mankind and reiki reasearch , i am very thankful to this lovely soul for this effort....


MY EXPERIENCE WID KUNDALINI ONE ATTUNEMENT. Moment i requested for distant attuenment from master Vijay kumar bali , i started feeling pain in my back bone. Pain was so intense that i felt imposible for myself to sit even for a single second. Somhw managed. Tried relaxing.then i cud mak out pain ws gtng worse and ws near back syd of heart chakra and soon it ws radiated to front syd of heart chakra. I continued to sit bcoz i wantd this to end nw. Tried closing my eyes. And suddenly i cud visulize green sparkling light in my third eye chakra. I tried to see othr colirs also but again saw flashing green light.tried relaxing again , aft managing for 30-35 mins pain was vry much reduced.and suddenly i got som cold sensation in my right palm. It made me realized that attuenment is done. Now aft 24 hrs of attuenment i am feeling much relaxed. Thank you sir for this wonderful experience.:))



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